Transform Contract Work

With Legal Design, Strucutred Data and Smart Contracts

We help to transform company's contract work to keep up with the business pace.

We move from messy unreadable legal content to perfectly structured, user-friendly and easy-to-manage automated contracts and policies.

What exactly you get

Legal Software

We select, adapt or develop software solutions to improve the efficiency of legal departments.

A combination of legal, management, technology and UX background is essential for coming up with the solutions and tools that both create value to the company and are great to work with.

Legal Design

We create documents that save precious resources of business and lawyers.

We simplify the interfaces of documents on an industrial scale. Lean and compact, documents are easy to work with, trigger less errors, speed up internal approvals and control.

Smart Contracts

We automate legal relations with smart contracts. We find the best automation scenarios, develop the solution's architecture, legal framework and the software.

We speed up intra-group legal relations, reduce transaction costs. We implement solutions based on varios blockchain platforms or internal software.

Law Automation

A concept of dramatic increase of the overal legal efficiency by the team of lawyers, developers and mathematicians.

Contracts and private law. Public law enforcement. Machine-readable and executable norms. Possible scenarios, existing limitations, ways to overcome them.

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