Cut Everything that Slows Business Down

Why does a company have 50 templates for the same supply? Why do policies stretch for hundreds of pages?

We re-engineer legal documents, dry out everything that does not protect the business or creates value. Make them quick to find, easy to update and hard to make mistakes.

Manage Legal Content

Why do lawyers and business spend expensive time for answering the same questions and searching for the similar contract clauses?

We transform endless paragraphs of text into smart marked-up building blocks, so that precious content can be re-used automatically.

Unify Across the Entire Company

Why is confidentiality clause different in every single contract?

We bring complete order into clauses, structure, terms, negotiation approaches. Strong unification is the basis for new reserves of efficiency.

Humanize Contracts

Why do contracts have to be repelling, indigestible and time-killing?

We simplify the documents and introduce a new level of user experience. This not only dramatically increases productivity and reduces risks, but also provides a new dimension of comfort for the team, clients and partners.

Automate on a Different Level

Is answering a hundred questions in your supply template a real automation?

We power the perfected documents with strong tools for structured legal content management and automatic assembly of contracts. We develop most popular scenarios which would require absolute minimum of effort.

Smarter Contracts

We automate legal relations with smart contracts. We find the best automation scenarios, develop the solution's architecture, legal framework and the software.

We speed up intra-group legal relations, reduce transaction costs. We implement solutions based on varios blockchain platforms or internal software.